Injections temporarily relax muscles allowing wrinkles and lines to gradually fade. Each injection site usually takes 2-4 units and each injection site is about an inch in diameter.  Treatments last 3-4 months, but as muscles start to become weaker and less dense as nerves slow their rate of regenerations, you can expect to go longer in between treatment. 

Juvederm is used for creases around mouth and for lip enhancement.  It can also be used in cheeks, frown lines, or even ear lobes to help even out ear rings and lobes that lose their volume over time.  Juvederm can be used anywhere that volume has been lost in the face and acts a collagen replacement.  It is an artificial collagen designed to fill deep folds and furrows. These treatment last approximately 9 months to a year.

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Designed to be placed below the natural dermis layer and adds volume to cheeks.  It can be used where there are deeper lines around the mouth.  It can be used where there are deeper lines around the mouth.  It is a  deeper injection and it allows you to keep the natural contours of your face.  It lifts the tissue from the underneath.